Family Services

Support Groups
The Hagedorn Little Village School offers Mother’s, Father’s and Sibling counseling groups to provide support, encourage self growth and promote a better understanding of the child’s special needs within their family, school and community. These groups are facilitated by licensed Ph.D. psychologists and/or licensed social workers. Groups meet on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year. They are conducive to providing parents and siblings with the opportunity to delve deeply into personal issues.

Individual Counseling
HLVS’s social workers and psychologists are also available to parents throughout the year for on-going support, education and crisis intervention on a short-term basis or as mandated by the child’s Individualized Education Program.

In addition to weekly parent/sibling support groups and individual counseling, the HLVS provides education workshops to increase parent effectiveness with their child(ren). Topics may include: behavior management, toilet training, speech and language development, self-esteem, sibling and peer relations and promoting autonomy through developing independent self-help skills. From year to year, other workshops may be added depending on expressed needs from families.

Support groups, individual counseling services and education workshops all incorporate our school’s mission and philosophy; that is, to provide a child with special needs and their families educational and therapeutic programs to promote the fullest potential for growth and life. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns