The Hagedorn Little Village School, Jack Joel Center for Special Children has a comprehensive Compliance Plan in place that pertains to all educational programming, therapeutic services, and financial aspects of the school.  The Plan includes HLVS’ policy and procedures, a Conflict of Interest statement, Whistle blower policy, as well as State, County, and Medicaid regulations. Policies and procedures are updated as necessary and are available in the Compliance office. The staff are trained annually, at a minimum, and attend trainings as it applies to their discipline. The Employee Hand Book, Health and Safety Manual, and the Code of Conduct are distributed to staff on a yearly basis. Employees are required to report any suspected violations of the Compliance Plan, Employee Hand Book, Health and Safety Manual, Conflict of Interest, Code of Conduct, or a disregard of applicable State, County, and Federal laws and regulations that affect the various programs to the Compliance Officer, Immediate Supervisor, Human Resources, or the Administration team. HLVS strives to deliver quality services, display integrity in all business dealings, and provide compassion to all the children and families that we serve.

HLVS is in compliance with the Dignity Act, by providing our students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination , intimidation, harassment, and bullying on school property, the school bus, or at a school function.  All suspected violations should be reported to the HLVS Dignity Act Coordinator, Staci Sherman, LMSW Compliance Officer at 516-520-6088 or [email protected].   All suspected violations will be investigated in a timely and thorough manner by the HLVS Compliance Officer, supervisor, or Administration team or all of the above.  Reports can be confidential and anonymous but this may significantly limit the ability to respond and thoroughly investigate a complaint. 

A Student Code of Conduct for Pre-School and School-Age students, adapted to each student’s developmental level, is sent home to parent’s and given to classroom teachers and therapists annually or as needed.  HLVS staff are trained in identifying discrimination , intimidation, harassment, and bullying and foster a positive and supportive culture in the school setting.

​​HLVS is in compliance with all anti-terrorism policy and procedures pertaining to the proper allocation of monies received from private donation and state and federal funds.